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The Budget Compiler QuickBooks formats monthly QuickBooks Profit and Loss data providing flexible review and automated budget creation that can be re-imported into QucikBooks.

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The Complier will import and format your monthly Profit and Loss data from QuickBooks without you having to re-enter it. Using this information it will compile a flexible Profit and Loss layout in Excel allowing you to select the amount of detail displayed, use the data for budget formulation and if desired create a file (Imp.iff) that can be imported into QuickBooks to automatically set up a budget.

Applying your existing data in a flexible and easy to read layout with the capacity to automate budget creation provides substantial benefits. These include an improved understanding of business operations, enhanced budget development, and significant time saving in performance reviews and budget creation. Display view options include by Month, Quarter, and Full Year with Current Year, Last Year, and Budget values. Charts display both Actual and Budget values.

For additional detail view the Help file. If you intend to use the Intuit Interchange Format (IIF) to import budget data back to Quickbooks then we strongly recommend you read the Intuit IFF Import Manual and back up all work. As the developers of Qucikbooks (Intuit) state ... "The IIF import format is very unforgiving" ... and ... "Create a backup of your data file BEFORE importing. There is no Undo on the import function.". For more details download the complete Quickbooks IFF Import Kit.

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