Software License

Software is an asset. It adds value to your business and enhances productivity. If your software is not correctly licensed you are stealing, damaging software development, and ultimately adversely affecting all software users.

As outlined by the Business Software Alliance "all software piracy - even one copy you make for a friend - is illegal". Uncompliant software exposes individuals and business's to serious legal risk.

Number of Licenses

The number of licenses you purchase is the maximum Number of Users and the maximum Number of Computer Systems the purchased software can be installed on or that can access the software if on a network. If you purchase a single user license (Quantity set to 1) the software must only be accessible from one computer and there must only be one user. To run the software on more than one computer, a network, or provide for additional users you must purchase a Multi-user license by setting the purchase quantity to the required number of user licenses. Multi-user licenses attract a 30% discount.

License Type

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Bizpep retain all intellectual property rights. It is prohibited to use the software, concepts, formats, and systems obtained from Bizpep in any manner outside their intended use as designed and defined by Bizpep. You may not modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on Bizpep software, services or concepts.

You may add additional features, create linked partner files, or extend software function to meet specific requirements. Bizpep license conditions apply to all extensions where they depend on Bizpep software for operation. Accordingly a license must be purchased from Bizpep for each and every distribution that depends on Bizpep software.

You may not sell or require payment in any form for Bizpep software.

Software is also covered by the conditions provided with each title.

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