Source License Agreement

Agreement between Bizpep and the Licensed Business Unit.

Upon completion and submission of this form, and payment of the required license fees the Licensed Business Unit is granted license by Bizpep to access, modify and adapt the Software Title and the underlying program source. To facilitate this Bizpep will provide the Licensed Business Unit with an unprotected copy of the software title allowing access to all coding. The license grants the Licensed Business Unit rights to modify the Software Title but does not include development support from Bizpep, if required this can be provided on a fee for service basis.

It is agreed that the software, any derivatives, or developments applying any concepts, formats, or systems derived from the software must only be made available within the Licensed Business Unit. Intellectual property rights held by Bizpep are in no way diminished by this agreement. Distribution beyond the Licensed Business Unit is prohibited.

Specific suitability must be independently assessed by the Licensed Business Unit and in no event shall Bizpep, its principals, distributors, employees, or other associated parties, be liable for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages whatsoever relating to software use.

Software Title:

Licensed Business Unit - This is the group within which the software will be used.

Name of Licensed Business Unit:

Industry Sector of Licensed Business Unit:

Address of Licensed Business Unit

Street Address:

Address Continued:



Post Code/Zip:


Agreement made by - These are the details of the person making this agreement on behalf of and with the authority of the Licensed Business Unit.

First Name:

Last Name:

Position / Title within Business Unit:


Email Address:

Payment Details - If you have provided license fee payment please include details.

Transaction Order Number or Transfer Date:

I confirm acceptance and of this agreement, that I have the authority to enter this agreement on behalf of the Licensed Business Unit and that all conditions will be abided by.

Upon receipt of this form and license fee payment your order will be processed and delivered with a copy of this agreement to the Email Address provided. All form fields must be completed for this form to be processed.

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